My interest in Natural Healing stems from a lifetime of hospital and sickness and finally becoming “sick of being sick all the time” and that I would try and do something about it.

One inspiring book on my journey was “The Cure for All Diseases” by Dr Hulda Clark – what an amazing person. She discovers and quickly publishes her findings so that people don’t have to wait 20 years for some real answers to some serious health problems (that can mostly be quickly cured if you know what to do).

After reading the book, I got a zapper and the Parasite cleanse. After about 7 days, I started to FEEL better, rather than being angry with everyone ALL of the time. Before trying the parasite cleanse/zapper, I used to feel like everyone was deliberately TRYING to irritate me. I was “strung-out” all of the time.

When you are not feeling the best, it’s hard to think about anything other than your own pain, so having that pain and sickness removed, is a huge gift, you become a better person, and a great bonus is being able to do the things you previously wouldn’t dare.

As I got more and more into it, I found that small changes can give dramatic results. I learnt Buteyko breathing for my chronic asthma and am no longer taking all the pills and potions that was daily life prior to this… why didn’t anyone tell me about it before? Why didn’t doctors show me how to breathe instead of shoving more steroids into me! I could’ve saved years of medication.. I could’ve had a normal childhood instead of a sickly one.


I have found other great things that can really help people and although I don’t have it all up here yet, I’m getting there.

A fairly new addition to the site is EFT – (Emotional Freedom Techniques) – I was a bit of a sceptic at first because it looked a bit “too simple” to learn, but as it was a friend that introduced me to it, I gave it a go with an open mind. Deep-rooted problems can be gone within minutes to (at most) days… If you suffer from any type of anxiety, depression, addictions, or past trauma (rape/ accident/ war, etc) that you’d like to conquer, then take a look at EFT closely as I’m 100% sure it will help in some way. There is a lot of information on Gary’s EFT Website.

In the past year, since starting this site, I have also completely changed my eating lifestyle as well as exercising (inc Yoga, Pilates, Gym, Aerobics, Walking) at least 3 times a week to further improve my health and happiness. All of which has helped in starting to lose weight as well.

I still take my asthma medicine about once a day (perhaps just out of habit – something I need to work on), but that and my endless allergies have cleared up in a major way (I recommend the Butekyo breathing method to improve asthma at LEAST 90%). With Butekyo, you’ll be able to clear a blocked nose within 60 seconds just by breathing differently too, it’s a good “test” to show you how effective it is.

So, in summary, I’ve had a GREAT experience with these products (and articles!) and I wanted to bring it to you as well.

Make it a Great Day!

To OUR Health!

Penny “Ches” Butler
4th October, 2008

PO Box 2472
Bakery Hill, Victoria,
Australia, 3354