The Facts beyond the Hype – Acai and Diabetes

-It’s been labeled the miracle fruit…

The Facts beyond the Hype – Acai and Diabetes

By Joel Carr

Anywhere you look now, be it online or in magazines, on TV talk shows or by the water cooler, the word ACAI seems to be the subject of conversation. It is labeled the ultimate weight loss fruit, and a cure-all for all sort of diseases. But is it?

Acai (pronounced a SHA-ee) is a small, very delicate berry plucked from the palm trees that grow along the Amazon River. Because it rots quickly, acai could only be enjoyed within 24 hours of picking; that is until modern science recently discovered a way to freeze dry it into a powder and ship it worldwide. With that came the temptations of mass marketing’s supply and demand. Therefore, a good many acai product manufacturers cut the powder with fillers such as flour and sugar – ingredients not friendly to the diabetic diet. If a diabetic, after checking with his dietician or physician decides to take acai as a supplement or a fruit juice, make sure the product is guaranteed to be 100% pure from the Amazon and freeze dried within 24 hours of picking. If this cannot be verified, do not buy it.

The fruit is highly rich in antioxidants, in fact measurably higher than any other dark fruit. Antioxidants help promote cell growth and boost the immune system. One side effect of diabetes can be more rapid cell deterioration. So, supplementing acai could prove beneficial in combating this.

Acai contains Omega 3, 6, and 9, essential fatty acids needed for healthy muscle tone, including those in the heart. Heart disease is another concern for the diabetic. It is naturally high in fiber which promotes good digestion and there is increasing evidence that the berry can help reduce cholesterol. Acai is high in vitamins B6, B12 and E, and minerals – all essential for healthy diabetic diets.

Acai rates very low on the glycemic index, meaning that the carbohydrates in the fruit break down slowly and do not cause a spike in the blood sugar. This helps to regulate the amount of blood sugar entering your system, aids in stabilizing your metabolism and promote a healthy weight loss by keeping you feeling full longer. For a diabetic who must monitor their glucose rates and lose weight, this is good news.

Can this wonder fruit cure diabetes? That would be a very hard claim to prove. What acai added to the diet as a daily supplement can do is help regulate blood sugar, maintain cholesterol, provide fiber, stabilize the metabolism for healthy weight loss and give the immune system a good boost. That is beneficial to any diet, diabetic or otherwise.

So ignore the outrageous hard sell and take this article to your medical professional. Together you can decide if adding 100% pure acai juice or powder to your diet is appropriate.

For me it has been. I have lost over 20 pounds the healthy way, have more energy, better muscle tone and do not feel hungry all the time. I also do not have sugar highs and lows and get less colds and flu symptoms. And I would love to hear your acai berry testimonials and also help to answer any questions you or your medical professional have. You can reach me at my website: for the real truth about acai and diabetes.