A Natural Way to Kill Cancer Cells: Acai Berry

The University Study that Can Change Cancer Research Forever

In 2006, the University of Florida conducted a study that indicated the ability of acai berry extract to kill human cancer cells in the lab. This apoptotic or cell killing benefit has launched acai berries to become a highly studied and coveted fruit. This cutting edge study has paved the way for more clinical research to be conducted about the Amazonian acai berries and their ability at sustenance of long term and short term health in humans.

Discover the One Fruit that Has it All!

As far as Amazonian fruits go there are many that are packed full of healthy ingredients beneficial to humans. Of all the fruits, the acai berry is by far the most nutritionally packed and the most abundant in powerful antioxidant, anti inflammatory and apoptotic (cell killing) properties that make it the very best choice for supplementation. In fact according to the ORAC scale which rates foods for total antioxidant power; acai berries rank one of the highest levels of all foods tested. As a bonus, acai power is also comprised of essential vitamins, minerals and Omega fatty acids that are vital to well being and optimum health.

Why are Antioxidants So Important?

Free radicals that run rampant through the body can lead to damaged cells, debilitating disease and illness. By supplementing our diets with foods that are high in antioxidants we can effectively neutralize these free radicals. Antioxidants are also essential to strengthening the cells in our bodies, boosting and empowering our immune system. Pure acai is a powerful tool that can be consumed in various ways which will help ensure our body receives the help it needs in staying as healthy as possible. IF that isn’t enough, there are also many other benefits to implementing an acai health regime which range from better vision to a reduction in the risk of heart disease. This list of possibilities is quite endless and more research is constantly being done.

Are Acai Beverages as Powerful as acai Capsules?

With the news on acai the media has been swamped with advertisements and marketing efforts revolving around the various products available that are infused with acai berry. The truth is that all of these products are useful and beneficial as long as they contain freeze dried and organic acai. The key is to find something that is enjoyable so you will be more apt to stay committed to it. Acai beverages are normally mixed with other fruit beverages and some are even offered with Guarana which adds the extra punch of caffeine. Health food stores and grocers alike sell a great many variations of acai berry blends with tea. Acai teas are sold for hot and cold consumption and there have even been recent red wine beverages that are twisted with acai berry. For people who enjoy frozen drinks the acai berry can be mixed with traditional fruits like strawberry, banana or mango for a delicious and healthy smoothie.

Understanding Freeze Dried & Organic Acai

As little as five years ago acai was not readily exported out of South America. The reason is that because of the high fat density in the fruit it decomposes rapidly and was unable to be transported out of the country without damage. Since then methods have been devised to freeze dry the acai berry so that it still contains the same nutritional content and isn’t impacted with harmful preservatives, additives or chemicals. This method has been The key to acai export. Labels of legally acquired acai that have not been chemically altered in any way will state that they are “organic & freeze dried.” When you purchase acai – either organic or freeze dried acai products you are ensured that it has maintained all of its health giving properties. Regardless of which kind of product you choose, whether it is capsules, beverages or otherwise you should make certain that the label reads accordingly.

Acai Berry Boosting the South American Economy

The acai palm tree that is responsible for producing the berries has many other natural uses. Hearts of palm are removed from the inner core and growth buds of the palm, the berries are harvested without recourse and even the leaves, bark and seeds are used by native people. In addition to that the acai berry palms have become a cash crop and are eagerly maintained and harvested with duration in mind. There is no risk to the extinction of the palms themselves and harvesting the berries is as painless to the species as harvesting apples is. These trees have become a source of income for the South American regions where they grow and are considered a sustainable crop. This is good news, especially understanding that it means acai berries will be able to be exported for many years to come. The trees are protected by locals and are actually helping to sustain the rainforest itself.

Joel Carr has been using acai berry consistently for 3 years. He has been able to reap the health benefits and has made it his goal to inform others about the powerful and life changing effects that the acai berry can have on your health. He runs a leading reputable website and has been participating in studies and writings about the extraordinary health benefits of acai berries. He recently visited the Amazon to see the acai berry trees growing in their natural habitat