Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Introduction

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can be a simple acupressure technique to releasing bad emotions.

You feel negative thoughts in the body, so you’ve got to look to the body to work on them. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a method to do this.

It is easy to release a negative feeling right this moment with this video. With this preliminary training video, we show you a bit about how exactly Tapping operates and guide you through your first couple of trainings.


Q: How hard must I tap?

A: Tap lightly, just so that you feel it. The intention of the tapping is usually to take your attention to several areas of your body, it truly succeeds if you just imagine tapping – as long as your attention is drawn to the appropriate points.

Q: How can I be certain we are selecting the right points?

A: Use 2 fingers to be sure you cover the points. In some cases the point will ‘feel’ right, as if there can be a bit of a indent inside the skin or else the point might be unusually vulnerable. It is all connected and so you don’t have to be one hundred percent perfect.

Q: You have skipped out points which Gary Craig shows!

A: Yes. Be content to tap those too, I left them out to help make the video clip simple and it seems to work fine without them. Should you find the video doesn’t work for you, try tapping the extra points – around the top-middle of the head, and slightly below the armpit.

Q: Is the actual sequence vital?

A: Absolutely no. You can actually tap the points in any order. Actually you just have to tap 1 or 2 of the points for each specific feeling, just you have no easy strategy to realize which point so you might as well tap them all.

25 Responses to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Introduction

  1. zensualgreen

    thank you so much for the clarity and simplicity of the way you explain tapping and its positive effects on body and emotions

  2. BinAlaDiN

    I find that it works really good but my biggest problem is doing it in public places or around people. It’s usually at these times when it seems like tapping would help the most, but at the same time people are looking at you like you have ten heads..

  3. raphaelblue

    This is a GREAT GREAT walk-through … thank you! You did a wonderful job of explaining this and helping people to “get it” … clear and concise and soooooo helpful!

  4. HeavenHealingArts

    Hi there,

    I was looking for something that I could recommend to my clients as part of their follow-up care and was so happy to find your channel. I will be referring my clients here, and thoroughly enjoying it myself!

    Thank you for your contribution to our world.

    Reiki blessings.

    In Light,


  5. agresticfighter4u

    Thank you very much!!!! You saved me looots of worries & money…BRAVO.

  6. Bruceleekungfoo

    Great stuff Magnus!

  7. digitalsoul18

    guys, this is the real deal. After dealing with a fairly traumatic traveling experience two years ago I was instilled with a general fear to travel outside my city, I used EFT this yesterday morning before my flight and for the very first time in two years I actually enjoyed my trip!!!! To gray craig (founder of EFT) and mangu, you guys are ultimate saviours… EFT forever!!

  8. helloish123

    Thank You…. This really works… I did this tapping today, $1200 cash all in $100 bills came to me unexpectedly. I had others ask to borrow money from me and I paid them both cash of what they asked me for and SOLD a house as well… I focused on releasing blockage of money flow. This works….enjoy jamie

  9. Jonyboy1237

    wow,I swear I had this feeling like I was floading after I did it, I feel so free now after doing this, it was amazing.

  10. rasadina


  11. WinIronRose

    Thank you Tonee

  12. rustiiiii


  13. aliciadanielle101

    EFT is very effective by itself. When combined with other techniques, you can create profound transformation. For more info, search hatherapies.

  14. furnie6269

    Does any one find it weird that there is not one negative comment or criticism on this video??? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of EFT and find it works very well but, I have to say I thought there would be a lot more skeptics out there. What do you think?

  15. WexlerTV

    Great information. Very helpful. Thank you. But the volume is too low on all of these.

  16. dovetouched

    What a gift you have given to us bless you! I too cannot afford the EFT classes and I suffer immensely with so many things it would take several pages to list. I followed this but attempted to focus on two things I was feeling. The first one left right away (anger at myself, I can’t even force it to surface) the second one a constant feeling of fear and heaviness in chest with breathing was more stubborn. I repeated to the end of the video and though I still have some it lessened quite a bit.

  17. cledasmurf

    this makes me really tired for some reason. Is that normal? Like I get exhausted after this.

  18. Ahbelina

    I found this very helpful as i was trying to overcome several issues. Thank you very much. Om Shanti

  19. fiorella69

    the best thing I have found in youtube, thanks,,,,,,

  20. Ahbelina

    thank you. I heard about EFT but it never worked for me. I did the tapping with your video and i noticed some difference. Please can you tell me what the side of eye corresponds to lots of blocked energy there for me. Many thanks. Om Shanti

  21. icanhp

    This has been so helpful and enjoyable and it works great!
    Thank you,

  22. pmartindta

    Fantastic–thanks so much!!

  23. Gunndoris

    I had some pain in my thooth also!! It totally disappeared after this.. AMAZING!

  24. shostacowitch

    This is great. Thank you! – Wisconsin

  25. LollieSmith

    sketch, im a total skeptic but even if it is placebo, it works. I was in agony with my teeth and gums when i started this vid and NO painkillers work. Its worth a try i think.

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