Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT – Learn in 5 minutes!



CraigBrockie.com delivers the goods with a video on Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT. Learn these powerful techniques to reach your highest potential and reduce stress, increase focus and will, and overall acheive positive results.

19 Responses to Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT – Learn in 5 minutes!

  1. FCCAGut

    Some problems take longer to heal than others. So I say do this 5 minutes a day until you are healed.

  2. jceja24

    Amazing, I already feel better! thanks

  3. debsaypie

    This technique helped me get off soft drinks entirely, tomorrow is my two year anniversary! I was addicted to Pepsi, NO more! I don’t drink any soft drinks, NONE! It’s no less than amazing!

    Annejilli, never say never! YOU very well might be able to get completely off your meds. Another remedy that helps is certified pure theraputic grade essential oil Peppermint from DoTerra oils. It’s incredible.

  4. annejilli

    I believe this would be a good technique to use in conjunction with actual medical help. I get migraines. I would never give up my meds. I think the meds might work better/faster if I used this at the same time.

  5. finerbijkl

    It helped me stop smoking. It really works for me, though you may get addicted to tapping, but it’s not so bad like many other addictions or problems. No matter how it works, if still working its worth using, I think that it makes some reprogramming of our subconscious schemes of action or call it what you like, similarly like in NLP or huna.

  6. skysiz

    And if you are addicted to tapping yourself, focus on tapping yourself while eating chocolate and saying I’m addicted to tapping myself, but I deeply completely accept myself.
    After about a third choc bar you should be fine :o)

  7. ole4show

    If you want help with addictions or anything you have to go inside yourself.

    search for Wayne Dyer and learn by his methods and teachings.

  8. ole4show

    the thing you do with this technique is distracting your thoughts. So instead of thinking about “chocolade crawing” you think about tapping yourself. Then you let go of the thought of wanting chocolade, and replace it.

  9. lisap56

    I don’t think EFT has become mainstream, simply because a doctor can’t charge to teach you how to tap your own body energies. If this is in fact true, the medical world won’t make money off of it. You can’t prescribe medicines and you may not need many sessions in order to memorize the procedure….Think about it people….everything’s about money!!!!!1

  10. Listendudeok

    sadunkal, I mostly agree. Finally someone more critical. For light things like headaches or stress it might relax a bit. But proclaiming it as a method healing everything is absolutely absurd. I can’t stand that EFT guru Gary Craig who claims severe traumas to be tapped away, that is criminal bullcrap. I want to tap him my way for proclaiming that.

  11. magates123

    EFT has very little and possibly nothing to do with the spots you hit. It is obviously a simple “pattern interrupt” which is well known in NLP. One should also realize that for any pattern interrupt to be effective you must have leverage on the situation in addition to the pattern interrupt. So for example, the chocolate example will be much more effective if you also have some very strong reasons to want to change your emotions.

  12. sadunkal

    I also think it’s nothing more than Placebo, but I think that placebo effect is much more powerful than modern medicine lets us believe. So it makes sense that it doesn’t work if you don’t believe in it. But that’s probably also the case with many modern “scientific” remedies. The reason more people benefit from medicine than they do from EFT is partially just because more people believe in modern medicine.

    Mastering methods like self-hypnosis is the best way to managing placebo and health imo.

  13. ozmaof827

    Why have you not been certified in EFT and why are you not listed as a practitioner on the website?

  14. Listendudeok

    It may have helped you, but not me and my friends, they all laugh about it. But if it helps you, even if it is pseudomedicine and non-scientific (there are no meridians in science), then it’s good. It may relax people and open them to the placebo effect. What makes me angry is that this EFT guru Gary Craig claims to heal everyting by tapping, even severe traumas, which is criminal non-sense. And he makes money with it. Courses, films and books are bought by people. Some people need real help.

  15. gxxr1130

    Let’s consider that that it is really a placebo. Who cares if it’s free and it helps people? Have you tried to do it?
    Healing means to cure, restore, or repair. If something removes the ailment, does it not heal you?
    There are a number of techniques similar to EFT I learned in the military for treating PTSD and other disorders. It might be because of the body, the mind, or both, but they helped me immensely. There is no reason to campaign against such resources.

  16. Listendudeok

    Great, all I said (as I remember) is that the placebo effect is not a healing method; let alone a method to just erase some traumas.

  17. mrslewis98

    I guess I will weigh in on the side of the pill popping zombies. I do not believe natural therapies and Western medicine contradict. They can often be quite complimentary. I am sure that a polarized attitude helps no one.

  18. gxxr1130

    I am a super skeptical, yet open-minded individual. I gave this a shot with an open-mind and it’s working wonders for me. What of the best things I’ve learned in my Science classes is that Science can’t prove anything it can only disprove. Why not give it a shot? If it was truly some kind of trickery or quackery they would be selling this for some outrageous some of money.

  19. dervishmadwhirler

    Just accept the fact that you are everything; that you are the one person expereiencing everything, it may feel kinda trippy, but if you accept that, you will find that you DO have control over your fears and anxieties, and even on the world at large ^^. This is th knowledge that your self-created world is trying to keep from you; as it has been created out of ‘fear’. To create the new one out of LOVE, and self-acceptance, is such a strong tool for happiness.
    Peace and enjoy your one-ness.

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