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Apparently I inherited the “allergy genes” passed onto my mom from my granddad; some of the allergies and symptoms that we suffer are almost identical. Being fearful (sometimes legit, sometimes not) of the side-effects that allergy medicine brings, one of the critical things my granddad did was to control the environment that he was living in for one his natural allergy cures. Here are some things that he did that made a HUGE difference.

An air purifier

Invest in a quality air purifier. But before doing so, do a little bit of research. If you’re buying for your home then a large job purifier would be better for the larger space; whereas if you’re buying for your office then a smaller purifier would do the job. And there are different kinds of air purifiers, from asthma-specific purifiers to pet/industrial/chemical-sensitive purifiers. For me and my granddad, we picked the general all-purpose kind, one that does ionization, picks up pollens, and uses ultra-violet light to kill the viruses and bacterias in the air.

It is especially important that you leave the air purifier on while you’re resting and sleeping. It allows your body to recover the way it suppose to instead of working to fight the allergy responses.

Dust mite and mold resistant sheets and pillowcases

For those allergic to dust mites and molds, these are blessings from heaven. There’s nothing worst than the sneezing and itchy throats keeping you up at night, and these sheets will help in allowing you to get the rest that you need. There are also allergy curtains and wallpapers available, but that’s going to cost you a bit more money. But it might be worthwhile to invest in them as one of the natural allergy cures if you’re seriously suffering from the symptoms.

Also, you can get a free allergies E-book in our website here: Natural Allergy Cures. This book is about all the natural drug free ways to treat and cure allergy and asthma problems.

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  1. The best air purifiers are the ones using hepa filters but they are quite expensive.*'”

  2. what is the best brands of air purifiers these days?’,*

  3. Fight Allergies with Natural Supplements

    It’s no secret that the more medicine we take – over the counter or prescription – the less likely our bodies are able to respond to the medicines. We build a tolerance, which means that when you take ibuprofen on a regular basis for headaches, it will eventually become necessary to up your dosage from one pill to two, and two to three, and so on. With the constant pressure we receive in the media to treat everything from sleeplessness to post-nasal drip (which, by the way, is a media convention … post means after – so if it’s a drip happening after your nose … well, you get the picture), it’s easy to see why we tend to turn immediately to the medicine cabinet for all of our daily “worries”. As we grow older, our tendency to develop allergies grows with us. Where once we could run through a hay field, tumble around with the dogs, and happily roll in the grass, now those same things can bring an irritating onset of runny nose and itchy eyes. Some acne, in fact, is caused by allergies and it’s a long-known fact that allergies can set off a nasty bout with asthma. If we turn to the medicine chest for every sniffle we get, though, what are we doing for our chances of having the medication we really need work all that well next time? There are many ways to treat your allergies naturally, without medicine. Unless it’s an allergy that is life-threatening, try one of these methods before you reach for the multi-colored pills. You might find that some of them are even more effective, and you’re boosting your body’s natural defenses while you take care of the irritation. By treating your allergies naturally with things like vitamins, minerals, and herbs, you also boost and strengthen your immune system and provide adrenal support. In other words, not only are you fighting your allergy symptoms, you’re also helping your body fight illness down the line.

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  4. we always use air purifiers at home since we live in a polluted place ..

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