Product Reviews for Popular Natural Healing Products

Have you bought any of the following popular products? I’m looking for people who can give their honest reviews/opinions on how well these products have worked for them (or not worked), there are tonnes of testimonials on their sites, but would like to offer a place where people can read honest feedback from people who have actually bought them on an independant site.

You can leave anonymous feedback by leaving a comment on this post.  :)

Natural Ovarian Cyst Cures
Shrink your Ovarian Cyst within Days

Cure Haemorrhoids in 48 Hours Naturally
Secret Chinese Fargei remedy that works.

Isagenix The Easy Way to Lose Weight
Cleanse your way to a new body. 1000’s of testimonials.

Natural Penis Enlargement Guide
Add 1-4 inches using natural technique.

Natural Kidney Stone Removal Report
Dissolve & Pass your Kidney Stones in 24 hrs!

Certified Organic Wu-Yi Tea
Permanent weight-loss, naturally.

Natural Cancer Treatments
Over 350 treatments & 2,000 testimonials

Mole, Wart, Skin-tag Free
All-Natural Cure in just 3 Days

3 Responses to Product Reviews for Popular Natural Healing Products

  1. the best way for healing naturally is with the use of eft or emotional freedom technique you can learn it hear on eft training by Gary Craig one of the most popular.

  2. you can avoid kidney stones by drinking lots of liquid.:’*

  3. Kidney Stone is a deadly disease specially if it has not been checked regularly.”,`

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