Chakras and reiki

Julie at the BodyRescueZone explains the connection between the chakras and reiki and demonstrates her technique on the the sixth and seventh chakras.

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  1. Grelleslicht

    i work with reiki too (2. level) its so cool

  2. ggalen

    Who numbered those Chakra’s? 6, 7, then 5? I think I saw mister myati do that hand rubbing move in “The Karate Kid”. I didn’t even know that movie was based on Reiki! I’m going to watch that movie over and over again, and learn everything I can about Reiki.

  3. nowyouknow34

    ya, that last thing where i said upper chakra was sposed to be upper hara. oops typo lol. and i’m not familiar with the tanden and i’ve heard very little about the tan tien, but I was just restating what I learned from Bronwen and franz stiene with the ‘originally worked with chakras’ statement. and I do know that chakras are vedic, i just got finger-tied at the end haha

  4. funsizebikerbabe

    Actually, the whole concept of `masters’ and levels of ability is a Western concept – Usui did not refer to levels of mastery. This construct appears to be around the Western idea of making money from training people to different levels of competence.

  5. mikkyo1971

    Actually, the hara (Jp.) is slightly different than the Tanden (Jp.), which is slightly different than the Tan Tien (Ch.). The 3 Tan Tien (Ch) comes from yet another school of thought. Chakras are Indian / Vedic, not Japanese. Please keep what you are doing within its cultural context, if you really understand the systems that you are working with, the details make a huge difference. They cant be freely mixed because of these differences. New age chakras were added to western reiki in the 1980’s

  6. nowyouknow34

    that is true,

    chakras weren’t brought into reiki until it was brought to the costal united states. Chakras are one of the influences the new age movement had on reiki.

    Reiki originally worked with haras
    theres the base hara (2nd chakra) the mid hara (the heart chakra) and the upper chakra (the third eye)

  7. g1935

    Very good explanation but chakras not are used on Japan. I’m sorry but in the Hikkei Usui didn’t mentione “Chakras”.

  8. JuanPablo71

    I love your energy! This is the first presentation I have watched from you and I am looking forward to watching more and learning from you.

  9. leokarateka

    Learned that Zubers father was ONCE one of only seven Reiki masters in the world. So, sorry bout the harsh comment Zuber. I´m sure he has excellent abilities and experience. Everything can be healed, and we can all do it sooner or later. It is thanks to people like your father, and their research, that makes it easy for us to be Reiki Masters today. You should be proud. Hope you join the Reiki-network yourself some day Zuber ;)

  10. leokarateka

    So that makes you just a little bragger eh? I am a reiki master, and there are hundreds of thousands reiki masters out there. And for this worlds sake, I hope many many more will join. You can too, hehe…

  11. zubersingh

    My fathers one of the seven reiki masters in the world and he can do the most amazing things like heal people with the most horrible diseases and see his past life.he also had psychic powers at a time.

  12. g0dbel0w

    As a child when your mother consoles you. Or any other time human contact makes you feel better.

  13. ianareiki

    Reiki does work!

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