Colon Cancer

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The most deathly disease shared among men and women-Colon cancer.

“We are what we eat.”:

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  1. greenapplecanada

    hi every one i wanted to pass this message on
    there is a miracle water called kangen water or known as Alkaline Ionized water this is a very powerful antioxidant vist my site for more info!

  2. norzilah2

    it’s so eerie to me.. :(

  3. warriorprince1010

    If you have cancer here is how to cure it in less than one month.

    Big companies won’t tell you this and charities make money from people getting cancer, so they will keep it hidden as well.

    1. Stop eating ALL refined sugars.

    2. Eat 10 apricots and their seeds each day, eat 3 brazil nuts a day, and have 3 ground tea spoons of flax seeds per day.

    3. Continue to eat normal foods on top of this.

  4. foamulator

    Good News…..

    Test Detects Lung, Breast and Gastrointestinal Cancers Using a Drop of Saliva


    — BioCurex Inc. today announced results showing that its RECAF test can detect cancer with high sensitivity and specificity using a small sample of saliva. The work was done as part of an ongoing collaboration with the Goshen Center for Cancer Care in Indiana.

  5. foamulator

    Saliva from cancer patients and healthy donors was tested using a slightly modified RECAF chemiluminescence assay.
    A variety of malignancies were tested, including lung, breast and gastrointestinal cancers.

    The results showed that the test can detect cancer with 87% sensitivity and 91% specificity (sensitivity is the percentage of cancer patients that are positive with the test and specificity is the percentage of healthy individuals that the test reports as negative).

  6. tonyrx7

    Look up resveratrol and see how it can prevent cancer in many stages from developing. Also eat lots of non-soluble fiber to help prevent this kind of things in the first place.

  7. cafelattemocha

    please get checked every year-my mom passed away from colon cancer early this the time they caught had gone to stage 4 and metastasized to her liver, pancreas and lungs..she died 2 weeks after I had my daughter…we were all there when she died..
    she suffered for 2 years….a piece of my heart is now missing/and aches for her everyday..God bless her.

    shabana1980..i’m no doctor and i do not know the answer…but i will pray for you.. God bless..

  8. javialpalo

    polyps been removed from my colon, if you got those i recommend not to let down grow.

  9. copperhead88

    ohh wait it doesnt bleed…

  10. jasej7

    shabana – here isnt really the place to ask your chances…survival rates for everything are getting better. Ive had ovarian cancer, and 2 other tumours and at the moment i have a tumour on my liver – everyones cases are different, not 1 diagnosis/treatment is exactly the same. Its good ur in the know about it and having a colonoscopy. Ur specialist will talk to you in alot of detail about your condition. Good luck with it all, you’ll get there. Hopefully you’ll be pain free very soon, Beth x

  11. shabana1980

    im 28 and i have this…i have mucus polyos and all this going to do colonscopy soon…i feel a bulk in my left hand side of my adbone..and knives feeling i have a good chance to survive..plz be honest..thx

  12. WarDawg1986

    Eww… but this type of cancer ranks 3rd in the US. Yes, this type of cancer is preventable. Polyps form and can be removed through colonoscopy; however, this procedure is recommended before age 50 before it turns into stage 4 metastasized cancer.

  13. chris137777

    nasty scary

  14. Colon cancer can be avoided if you just keep high fiber foods in your diet.`”

  15. the former president of the philippines Corazon Aquino died also of colon cancer;.~

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