DCA Possible Cure for Cancer

DCA is an odourless, colourless, inexpensive, relatively non-toxic, small molecule. And researchers at the University of Alberta believe it may soon be used as an effective treatment for many forms of cancer. However, because the compound is not patented, you may never see it on the market as Drug companies can not profit.

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  1. IdunCareLesSn00b

    Its money that kills us.They implemented the money system to kill us off.And make there life better at the same time.
    Look at the age of all the Rothschild’s.
    They all died old because they have the access to anything they need.

  2. redwings93

    Disease is the single biggest check on population. Why get rid of the very few diseases we have left in the world?

  3. redwings93

    If it hasn’t been tested on actual patients in a double blind study how can you say it works?

  4. knoxrox167

    actually it has

    its just that 1) it wont make any money

    2) it hasnt been tested on actual cancer patients

  5. procommenter

    Amygdalin is the cure, control & preventive of cancer. See: “A World Without Cancer” on You-Tube.

  6. procommenter

    The escalation of autism and allergies correlates with the ever-increasing number of serums administered to children as young as 3-days’-old. Many school districts no longer feature wheat bread & peanut butter as they’re now classified as allergens. The cure for cancer being w/i the seeds & grasses of 1,400 fruits & plants angers people. They’ve been told that cancer is a mystery, one in which billions of dollars aren’t enough to solve. They’ve been told cancer is a “war” & we’re its casualties.

  7. procommenter

    Billions of dollars are being spent for cancer “research” and the death rates continue to climb as the bitter foods containing Amygdalin are removed from the Western diet.
    Cancer is a chronic metabolic disease. Its cure is within the seeds of apples, watermelons, pumpkins & in the kernels of apricot pits. See: “A World Without Cancer” on You-Tube.

  8. anakin808

    I believe there will NEVER be a “cure” for cancer. If there is, it’ll NEVER be released. It’s all about money that’s all.

  9. bignewgame

    The idea is that if the world becomes over populated the whole system could crash. The areas occupied by people would increase while the area for farmlands decrease. Eventually food would become so scarce that most people would starve to death. So since cancer happens to those who are unhealthy or don’t eat right let them die to keep the population under check. If your wise enough you can beat the cancer yourself. If not then gene pool elimination. Using the internet people can learn anything.

  10. bignewgame

    Why can’t they make a profit if one in three people have cancer? They could charge whatever they want. Lets see, at 1,000 a pill and there are 6.9+ billion people, divided by three is 2.3 billion times 1,000 is…. you see what I mean. When they say there is no money to be made they are lying. Looks like a multi trillion dollar market to me. I believe the cure for cancer is not allowed to keep the population of this planet under control. Otherwise other cures in the past would have been allowed.

  11. bignewgame

    It is real. Research Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and you will see what I am talking about.

  12. ariadarabi

    Isn’t the problem for cancer an over supply of blood cells? Why don’t they extract it? Or provide oxygen to it?

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