Mouse with parasite & eyeball ( botfly – larva )

A video on YouTube after someone’s cat caught a mouse, then noticed a BotFly/Larva worm coming out of the dead mouse:

"I noticed my cat caught a mouse, on closer inspection after the cat left, I noticed the inside of the mouse’s stomach was moving. Slowly this thing started coming out of the mouse’s stomach. I should have gotten my camera sooner. I just didn’t know what was going on. The video shows the parasite outside of the body… ohh yeah the black circle to the left of the mouse is the mouse’s eyeball!"

9 Responses to Mouse with parasite & eyeball ( botfly – larva )

  1. fallenpedalz

    omg thanks so much for sharing this
    thats discusting! at first im like.. whats that dot. then i read a comment.. an eyeball. im like o_o

  2. zing199

    I have that carpet

  3. SarahForgive

    Oh god the eyeball O_O
    Now I’m going to have nightmares :O

  4. Residenteviltrilogy

    poor mouse

  5. miketool316

    MAster Splinter?

  6. godlikemicko

    nice camera. what do you use?

  7. angelbrat3392

    omg I think I just threw up a little….that poor mouse

  8. omghaxequalsfun

    its a botfly you can only get it if a fly coated with botfly larvae lands on you. its easy to get out and painless. if you have a small bump on you that seems to move just smother it with vaseline or bacon grease or ducttape then gently pull it out with tweezers

  9. Splinterfan

    hope you had your cat checked. thats nasty

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