Parasite Hell

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Since August 27th, I have been to an Internist, four Emergency Rooms, Stony Brook’s Center for Infectious Diseases, a Dermatologist, a Gastroenterologist, an Opthamologist, and a Family Practioner, and not one has taken a skin sample to determine and/or rule out if I am suffering from parasitosis, or delusions of, despite my requesting that they do so. They say that every cloud has a silver lining, and were it not for my pursuing medical assistance for the parasites, I probably would never have had the colonoscopy that found the cancer. As grateful as I am for having the cancer discovered, I am shocked that having a sample of my skin taken has become such a herculean task. May God grant me the serenity…

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  1. allknowingguru

    Since 1999 or whenever the Ionic Breeze was invented, government is not enforcing anything if you end up spending money in order to help beef up the economy. After 8 years of misery I moved away and one day latest ever in the year I got attacked again I think by mites never seen before. They were in the computer chair I found abandoned.

  2. halfvulcan

    Why is there such a cover-up? W T F. I’ve been having some symptoms and had no idea why. I’ve been getting some kind of material out of my eyes that feel like foreign organic matter, blue, white, red, and black thread-like matter (when seen magnified) that looks like masses of wadded up insects of some sort by the time I get them out. I have a constant crawling under the skin even in my eye sockets. I shower daily and still..something’s going on. And if diagnosed, they’ll call me crazy.

  3. skyblupinkltd

    look up google bob beck , bob beck prot0co1, jerry brunetti food as medicine, 3mf wifi cell phones and canc3r. dr natura d0t c0m, food grade diat0maceous 3arth ..can eat it turn off wifi and cordless and c3ll phones see energyfields d0t 0rg i also had them was very thin and sick now nomal weight.. hope you feel better soon

  4. keritio

    My aunt had them on a couch… She said she burned the couch.

    I am not kidding.

  5. kiman2

    you don’t want to experience what she has been. i know her experiences and do not wish this hell on anyone. bird mites are real! lucky for you that you don’t have them!

  6. nuitgoddess

    I feel your pain. I know your pain. It is horrible. After you get skin parastes, they own your life. Some days I just wish that I was dead.

  7. Buu7899

    wow…im not going to say i dont believe her..cause you never know what people go through. but why does she shrug off cancer…cancer can affect your body in horrible ways…most of the symptoms she is saying besides the bites (which i didnt see any in this video on her) are all symptoms you have from having cancer or advanced cancer; no, cancer is not a piece of cake….yes they know you have it, but that doesnt make it easy and i bet half your pain is from that atleast. hope u feel better.

  8. morgellonshell

    I just want to scream I believe you my dear.
    We lost our son to brain cancer/morgellons
    and we/he got so much understanding and care for the cancer but every doctor said he was DOP when it came to the horror of Morgellons.
    It just about killed me that they treated him in such a ugly way.
    Doctors only get like 9 hours training in parasites at medical school in the good ole USA. Think it’s not here folks, thank again.

    Be kind to her folks she suffers like you never want to know.

  9. mariavaldez7777

    To the relief of thousands of patients across the country, the Center For Disease Control (CDC) is initiating a one year study of up to 500 patients who have reported Morgellons symptoms. More information is readily available on the CDC website

  10. kindgrown

    black walnut hull, wormwood, garlic, cayenne, parsley water, colon hydrotherapy, uh… there has to be something to help.

  11. LymeKerry

    Ditto. Sounds like Morgellons. Google it. Thousands of other people have it too. And I see the number is growing fast. I wish I could help. But I dont know whats happening. I only know that its spreading fast and its terrifying.

  12. estafel

    Strange coincidence, just thought I should add — I have lymphoma. My g/f does not, and she is more allergic to their bites. But yeah, nobody questions the cancer.

  13. estafel

    Living same horrific problem here, in Kansas. Bought a new house. Infestation. 2 abandoned (LARGE) bird nests on the structure. We try PCO’s. Of course no one with any professional relevance will believe a bleeding word we say. Clueless on-staff entomologists. We have spread diatomaceous earth everywhere, carpets and floors pulled. Little monsters return, regardless, though less in number. Probably going to try thermal fogging now. Trying to avoid paranoia and hopelessness. Our best to you.

  14. ZdishStudios

    Today i was having a great day. I ate cup noodles for breakfast and then i went to a resturaunt to eat. Then when i came home i had rice for dinner than went to sleep. I couldn’t sleep all night because i felt rumbling and movements and a growling in my stomach when i lye down…… so i asked my mom for soom food and she gave me cereal and than i went to sleep. but then the rumbling and movements came back…. Please tell me if i have parasites or not please! i can’t sleep at all….

  15. FlyAwayRedBird

    I believe you…..I have been living the same nite mare. In fact, because of living this ordeal, it looks like a divorce. My husband keeps telling me I’ am crazy and telling my kids. Very few believe me. I have gone to 8 doctors here in Montana, and two of them being dermatologist….one prescribing skitz meds….and yes I know about the cleaning, scrubbing, bagging, all the creams and lotions….and nothing works….but I’ am getting better, but maybe that is because of all the Lindane I have

  16. l1zz4rd

    I believe you! I am living it!!! Oh man this just started a week ago and I am losing my mind! Mites! :(

  17. JenkleJ

    Hi have you tried peroxide cream or solution. You could also try lavender or citronella essential oils.

  18. kiteflyer2000

    Your symptoms sound very similar to Morgellons Disease. What happened with that, did you find something that works for you?

  19. themanyone

    Eat 4 meals a day instead of one. Include a little protein. Get a tan and swim in the ocean at least twice a year. Let it dry and be salty. Ocean-going bugs have fun eating the other bugs. 10 years persistent bites, rash gone after following this advice. Your mileage of course may vary widely with geography.

  20. ZO6

    wow, what a messed up story

  21. BorderlineNOS

    Hello all ‘n Thank you for yr comments

    Got the Hibiclens, and a whole lot of other things.

    The dermatologist I went to see did not take any samples of my skin, nor did he even closely examine it, but he did invite me to the departments’ Morning Rounds last week at which I was determined to be suffering from delusory parasitosis… which doesn’t surprise me, as I’ve yet to have samples of my skin taken and examined by medical professionals.

  22. SueAtYahoo

    Get hibiclens @ Walgreens. Wash hair & body daily. Get rid of mattress. Keep cleaning. Try salt & Vitamin C protocol. Has not cured but it makes a huge improvement.

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