Reiki at the Body Rescue Zone

Julie van Wart of the Body Rescue Zone in Berlin talks us through the wonders of Reiki.

6 Responses to Reiki at the Body Rescue Zone

  1. tcpco2007

    Thank you for sharing this video.
    You said things about Reiki I didnt even know.
    I myself have been very interested in learning to do Reiki and now after watching this video- just makes me want to.. Get BUSY!! LoL
    Thanks again
    Love and Light

  2. meatistasty

    It’s not about what others say
    Science works like this
    1 Start with a disprovable hypothesis
    2 do an experiment
    3 if the hypothesis is contradicted reject the hypothesis

    Where are the randomised control tests showing Reiki works? I can find none
    Belief works like this:
    1 Close your mind to what you can observe
    2 become dogmatic that you are right

    If you are prepared to (potentially) risk your life for what you believe, then that is your right. It is not your right to encourage others to do it

  3. kelim92

    Reiki should be used however the person wishes. If they don’t want Western medicine, then that’s their choice. The patient knows what’s best for their body.

  4. dkinnibu

    One thing to realize with Reiki… It is NOT a replacement for Western Medicine nor should it be treated as such. Reiki should be used in conjunction with standard medicine. Also, Reiki can be used along with other measures for disease prevention. To use a Cliche, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. That goes for both Reiki and Standard medicine. That being said, if you have never experienced Reiki, do so. It is a wonderful experience and may help alleviate some of the skepticism.

  5. meatistasty

    Yes, they would discount it because it is hogwash :)
    western ‘medicine’ just cured skin cancer, maybe immunotherapy will hep put you out of business :)

  6. Sunblocks can also reduce the incidence of skin cancer by preventing UV to harm your skin.~`;

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